CMS & Publishing Platform

The majority of my time at Specific Impulse was dedicated to developing StageOne™ both for the company’s own internal needs as well as for its various clients. In the case of significant and unique customizations, I have included separate portfolio entries (i.e. DNAinfo and Harmonic). The following excerpt is taken from Specific Impulse’s website (click on any of the StageOne™ links in this page to view the full text):

For marketing and business professionals, StageOne™ is a user-friendly, web-based control panel for managing your web site, extranet, online product catalogue, email campaigns, sales leads, customer relationships, and much more. For web developers and information architects, StageOne™ is the fast track to delivering highly customized eMarketing and eBusiness solutions.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Assistant Engineer
  • Primary Client-Side Programmer/Coder (HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Java)
  • Assistant Server-Side Programmer/Coder (ColdFusion and SQL)