Website & CMS

Harmonic’s StageOne™ system features over 40 modules for managing various types of web content, such as training classes, press releases, job postings, an online document library, a product catalogue, and events. Content owners in departments across the company and across the world log in to StageOne™ to manage their content. Depending on their StageOne™ permissions, content owners might see “locks” on certain modules, or certain modules may simply not appear.

StageOne™ also provides outbound communication tools that enable Harmonic staff to email electronic document kits: sets of documents from the document library. These kits are configured to send documents as zip files, or more common, to invite the recipient to visit their “personal page” on the web site. All document access is tracked in an audit system, so the sender knows whether the recipient received and accessed their personal page and the documents themselves.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Account Manager
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Primary Programmer/Coder (ColdFusion, SQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript)